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LAST UPDATE : 10/06/2019



On this page we will put all updates about the two future RwandAir B737 MAX 8In June 2018, RwandAir confirmed, that they will add two B737 MAX8, with a delivery planned, in 2019.


Following, the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines B737 MAX8, RwandAir has decided to put on hold, the plan to lease the B737-800 Max8. However, the 1st aircraft for RwandAir entered in production, few weeks ago.


Note that for the moment all Boieng 737 MAX are grounded.





The 2nd B737 MAX 8 for RwandAir seen outside the hangar, at Renton (USA), few days ago: here



One of two RwandAir B737 Max8 will be registered 9XR-WU (Rwandan registration)

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The first variant developed in the 737 MAX series, the MAX 8 replaces the 737-800 with a longer fuselage than the MAX 7. Boeing plans to improve its range from 3,515 nmi (4,045 mi; 6,510 km) to 3,610 nmi (4,150 mi; 6,690 km) after 2021.[85]



On July 23, 2013, Boeing completed the firm configuration for the 737 MAX 8.[92] The MAX 8 has a lower empty weight and higher maximum takeoff weight than the A320neo and in cruise at 140,500 lb (63,700 kg), it burns 4,460 lb (2,020 kg) per hour at Mach 0.78 (450 kn; 833 km/h) and FL350, at a suboptimal flight level and forward center of mass.[28]



The Boeing 737 MAX 8 completed its first flight testing in La Paz, Bolivia. The 13,300-foot altitude at El Alto International Airport tested the MAX's capability to take off and land at high altitudes.[93] Its first commercial flight was operated by Malindo Air on May 22, 2017 between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore as Flight OD803.[2] In early 2017, a new -8 was valued at $52.85 million, rising to below $54.5 million by mid 2018.[94]


Text from Wikipedia: here



Deliveries dates

1st one: 2019 ?

2nd one:  ?

Numbers of planes

(2 in order)

Seat Capacity

162-178-218 seats (Max 8-200)

Maximum range

6 570  km

Fuel capacity

25 816  L

Length overall

39, 5 m


35, 9 m

Maximum take off weight

82 191 kg


12 000 m

Cruise Speed

0, 79 mach (839 km/h)

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