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Rwanda Air Force deploys a MI 17 to airlift Kiziguro wounded to the Kigali Hospital

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Picture Kigali Today, Text Rwanda New Times :


A head-on collision involving a coaster bus and a minibus has left more than a dozen passengers dead and others in critical condition. The accident occurred early Tuesday morning along the Kagitumba-Kigali highway in Kabeza, Ndatemwa Village, Gatsibo District.


One taxi was heading to Kigali while the other was heading towards Kagitumba. According to Kiziguro Sector Executive secretary, Epiphanie Kavutse who arrived at the scene of the accident immediately after the accident, the number of dead was well over 12 people.


“This is unbelievable road carnage. The Coaster taxi bus was carrying over 32 people, while the small taxi locally known as ‘twegerane’ they collided, had over 15 passengers. We have not counted all the dead, but the number far exceeds 12,” she said.


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