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Oman Air eyes Rwanda service, in the "next few years", Oman Air CEO:














In an interview, in the Omani Press, few days ago, the Omani Air CEO said, that his airline is planning to build a hub, between Asia and Africa. After resumed services to Tanzania, Kenya (Oman Air will add a new service Morroco, from 01 July 2018), the airline is now planning to  add Rwanda and South Africa on its network. The airline will also and add more capacity or start new routes to Asia.


No dates have been announced, about a future service to Rwanda. But, it will probably depend, to the aircraft avaibilty and also the air service agreements, between countries (depending the routing).


"Abdulaziz al Raisi, CEO, Oman Air, said: “The launch of flights to Casablanca in Morocco from July 1 is part of these restructuring initiatives. Currently, there are four weekly flights to Guangzhou in China and we are looking at other cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.”
On the African side, the airline will be targeting countries like South Africa and Rwanda in the next few years.
On adding flights to India, Al Raisi said (http://www.omanobserver.om/oman-air-to-focus-on-asia-africa-with-muscat-as-hub/).



If Oman Air starts service to Rwanda, it will be the 3rd airline from Asia to serve Rwanda, after FlyDubai (service suspended in 2016) and Qatar Airways. Flights will be probably a tag service. In Europe, Oman Air serves Zurich, Paris, London, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Frankfurt and soon Moscow. In Asia, the airline serves India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, to name few.


Although that Oman Air can trace its root back in 1970s, the airline really started to grow, in mid 2000s, when Omani Governement has decided to  pull off from Gulf Air stake and recapitalised Oman Air. Since few years, Oman Air is trying to built a hub, as an alternative to the Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai hubs. The airline has added brand new aircraft (A330, B787 and B737-8 MAX) and the Muscat International Airport was expended.

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