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Statement from Newrest


The Board of Director of Newrest ASL Nigeria Plc. hereby informed its esteemed shareholders and other stakeholders that it has disposed of its entire interest In ASL Rwanda Limited.



Prior to the disposal, ASL Rwanda Limited was one of the Company’s three (3) subsidiaries and has consequently ceased to be a subsidiary of the Company following the sale of the Company's shares held In ASL Rwanda Limited.

In furtherance of the strategic objectives of Company, the Board of Directors will continue to seek profitable opportunities for investment in the long term interest of its stakeholders.


Source: https://www.proshareng.com/news/Stock---Analyst-Updates/Newrest-ASL-Nigeria-Plc-Disposes-Interes/36473





New custormers for ASL Rwanda : FlyDubai, Thomson Airways (TCS Starquest), United Nations, VIP flights.




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