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EgyptAir Kigali Timetables

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Egyptair B737-800 at Kigali (Rwanda), on 28/04/2019, by Gilbert Rukundo







Egytpair started Cairo Kigali service, on 27 April 2019, with a stop via Entebbe on the Kigali Cairo leg. Flights are operated 2 times a week. Bookings are now open








1: Monday - 2: Tuesday - 3: Wednesday - 4: Thursday - 5: Friday - 6: Saturday - 7: Sunday





CAI: Cairo - KGL: Kigali










CAI : 21h40

KGL: 02h40




KGL: 03h20

CAI: 09h35












Postponed several times, since 2011, Egyptair confirmed (article published in 2011, on RwandAn Flyer), on 11 October 2018, that service to Rwanda, will start around February 2019 (end of January according to Egyptian press). Kigali will be served 3 times a week. (HERE)


Via Cairo, Kigali will be connected to New York, Toronto, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Tokyo, Geneva, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Canton, Beijing, Copenhagen, plus many more destinations, thanks Egyptair patnership with Star Alliance airlines.


More infos to follow.


EgyptAir could start service in coming month




While Kigali is hosting the 4th Egypt-Rwanda Expo, Civil Aviation Minister Abdel Aziz Fadel announced in an interview on 29 September2013,  that EgyptAir still considering Kigali as a future destination in Africa.


Fadel stated that the ministry seeks to increase the size of EgyptAir’s fleet to 120 aircraft by 2025, and 150 by 2050. He said that further plans are in place to increase the absorptive capacity of Egyptian airports, making them the largest air services centres in the Middle East and Africa region. He said that studies are being made to open up new routes leading to Dakar, Senegal; Kigali, Rwanda; N’Djamena, Chad; Abidjan, Ivory Coast; and Harare, Zimbabwe*.


Daily News Egypt : HERE


(Harare and Abidjan are currently served by EgyptAir, Ndjamene will be served from December 2013)


Since 2011, EgyptAir serves Kigali via a code share with Ethiopian Airlines. It means that EgyptAir can sell ticket on Ethiopian Airlines flights between Addis Ababa and Kigali.


Another interesting article, is about that Egyptian Ministry of Tourism,  which wants to attract tourists from the new African middle class, Rwanda is among markets that Ministry of Tourism has in its target (18 September 2013).


Pour lui, pour créer de nouvelles destinations, il faut trouver des moyens de communication et diffuser des programmes touristiques sur l’Egypte, basés sur de vraies informations. « Il faut transmettre un message plus convaincant aux citoyens de ces pays. De la sorte, de nouveaux chantiers nous seront ouverts », souligne-t-il. Al-Miligi évoque aussi des destinations lointaines comme l’Afrique du Sud, le Rwanda et d’autres pays du continent africain.


We need to improve our  communications and provide reliable  informations about Tourism in Egypt, to reach new markets. We need to send good messages to the people of these countries. We target South Africa, Rwanda and others countries.


Al Ahram : HERE


Stay tune for more informations.




EgyptAir considers Rwanda as one of its next African's destination




Severly hit, by the Arab Spring, EgyptAir seems to be in better health, despite EgyptAir has grounded or phased out its "old" B777-200ER delivered in 1990s, and postponned the launching of flights to Washington and Toronto.


According to the EgyptAir's CEO Hossam Kamal,  the airline will be focused on its African network, instead of long haul network. And Kigali (planned for 2011) could be the next African's destination for EgyptAir. It's too early to know, what will be the frequency of flights or what aircraft will be used.


Egyptair serves 17 airports in Africa and another 10 through code-shares (including Kigali which is served by Ethiopian Airlines, for EgyptAir).

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