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His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani paid a state visit to Rwanda from April 21 to 23 at the invitation of Rwandan President Paul Kagame. Qatar and Rwanda have signed many agreements to improve ties between the two countries.


Among these agreements, Aviation, Travel and Logistics Limited Rwanda and  Qatar Airways have signed an agreement. Created in 2015, Aviation, Travel and Logistics Limited Rwanda has 5 subsidiaries: RwandAir, the National Logistic Company; Hospitality and Travel  Management Limited, the Rwanda Airports Management Limited, and Akagera  Aviation.



Since few weeks, rumors about a potential strong partnership between RwandAir and Qatar Airways emerged. Al Baker had a meeting, with Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda, during the Aviation Africa Conference, in February 2019. 


Since mid 2000s, Governement of Rwanda has the plan to partly privatise RwandAir. Several talks have failed, with Brussels Airlines, Meridiana (now Air Italy which is owned by Qatar Airways), or Etihad Airways. Ethiopain Airlines was also on the list, but there no longer informations since 2016.



Despite its rapid growth and the market potential (good network, in Eastern, Southern and Central Africa), RwandAir is not yet profitable. If the governement of Rwanda wants to sell some stake, RwandAir will probably need to get a financial stability



Few month ago, Qatar shown its interest to invest into Aviation in Rwanda, with a possibilty to take part into the New Kigali Bugesera Airport, which should open, in 2020. The only big partnership for Qatar Airways in Africa, is Royal Air Maroc. There are also talks with Ghana governement to creat an airline.


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Government has established a new company to manage the aviation industry activities as it moves to streamline and make it more vibrant and competitive.


The initiative is also aimed at cutting operational costs and ensuring smooth co-ordination of airport activities, according to the State Minister for Transport, Dr Alexis Nzahabwanimana.


The Aviation, Travel and Logistics Limited (ATL Ltd) was approved by the Cabinet two weeks ago, and will manage aviation activities including travel, logistics, ground, freight and cargo handling, and charter services.


The company which has five subsidiaries, according to government officials, will help position the country as a regional aviation hub for tourism, cargo and logistics-related activities.

The subsidiary companies include RwandAir, the National Logistic Company; Hospitality and Travel Management Limited, the Rwanda Airports Management Limited, and Akagera Aviation.



The officials said ATL Ltd will also co-ordinate and align investments in the industry with the national aviation strategic plan. The Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority will remain as the industry regulator under the new arrangement.



Full Article : http://www.newtimes.co.rw/section/article/2015-10-26/193825/





Parliament approves new bills governing Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority and Rwanda Transport Development Agency




On the 18th February, 2014, The Rwanda Parliament, Chamber of Deputies has approved the relevancy of the draft laws modifying and complementing the current laws governing Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) and Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA).


The new RTDA bill intends to remove the responsibilities related to the development and control of airport infrastructure from RTDA to be shifted to RCAA, in order to fast-track the development of airport infrastructure in Rwanda.


In addition, the proposed amendments seek to assign RTDA with the responsibility of developing transport services including public transport, promotion of laboratories for research on the construction of transport infrastructure, used materials and equipment, as well as promoting cable cars infrastructure in the country.


For RCAA, the new bill aims at incorporating the responsibilities related to the development of airport infrastructure in the new law. This tactical function was initially under RTDA responsibility. The bill also seeks to enable RCAA have the legal personality, financial and administrative autonomy, which is a requirement of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); to allow the institution take independent decisions especially regarding the aviation safety. Both bills will further be submitted to the parliament standing committees for deep analysis before being passed. 


Currently, RTDA is governed by the law N°02/2010 of 20/01/2010 establishing Rwanda Transport Development agency (RTDA) and determining its mission, structure and functioning; whereas RCAA is governed by the law No 53/2011 of 14/12/2011 establishing Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority and determining its mission, organization and functioning.



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