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Bugesera International Airport

Since mid 2000s, Kigali Kanombe recorded an important growth of its passenger trafic. In the first time, the Governemment planned to expand Kanombe, but this later is located in the surbub and due to the lack of space, it can't be expanded.


 In 2008, the governement of Rwanda decided to build a bigger airport to meet the demand. After a first study in patnership with OZ Architecture (USA), the airport will be located in th Bugesera District, at approximately 24 kilometres (15 mi), by air, south of Kigali.


In 2009, design works start with TPS UK, which built the Terminal 5 at London Heathrow. In the same time, the governement announces that the funding of the project will be via a PPP (Public-Private Partnerships ) and hires PricewaterhouseCoopers as transaction advisor to mobilize the private capital to invest in the project. 


After faced off several delays mainly due to the downgrade of the budget but also to the lack fund, works should start before the end of the year, with the first flight by 2016 or 2017.


07/08/2014 :


Rwanda plans to issue another Eurobond next year, to fast-track the construction of the Bugesera Airport : HERE

25/05/2014 :


Bugesera Airport will cost US$350m, but the project struggles to attract investors to begin the construction : HERE

04/03/2014 :


The Governement in contact with Lufthansa Consulting, for a new feasability study, for the Bbugesera Airport: HERE

29/01/2014 :


The construction of the Bugesera Airport is expected to commence 2015. First Phase completed for 2017: HERE

11/09/2013 :


Aéroport de Lyon [France] could take part into the Bugesera Airpot Project: HERE



19/08/2013 :


Local population decries delay compensation about Bugesera Airport : HERE 



16/04/2013 :


Rwanda refutes Contract to Chinese Firm to Build Bugesera Airport : HERE


The airport is designed to handle 450 passengers per peak hour and over 3 million annually during its first phase. It will have the capacity to handle 15,500 tonnes of cargo annually with eight flight movement per hour during peak hours.





Photos / Images

Montpellier :



Arriving from London Gatwick



01 July 2013



Montpellier :

The daily service to London Gatwick

11 April 2013.


Montpellier :


The inbound flight from London Gatwick. 

25 February 2013


While the project is facing to some delays (construction will begin in 2013, instead of 2012), due to (probably) the lack of funding, here are two 3D picutres of NBIA. Here an aerial view of the airport.

TPS Consult  2012


The boarding hall. It's too early to know how many gates there will be. But it's seems that the terminal will be fitted with three airbridges.

TPS Consult  2012